tomas01.jpg This is my personal webpage hosted by the server of the ABCMat group at IFLYSIB. Here I do research on the statistical physics of supercooled liquids and glasses, and on active matter systems (in particular flocking models).

Following the navigation menu above, you find personal information (including CV and publication list), and information about my research and teaching activities (the latter in spanish). There is also a blog-like miscellany on physics and software topics.

Prof. Tomás S. Grigera
Calle 59 no. 789
B1900BTE La Plata
Tel: +54-221-425-4904 / 423-3283 int. 21
Fax: +54-221-425-7317
tgrigera (at) iflysib (dot) unlp (dot) edu (dot) ar